Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ohio Nears Final Great Lakes Compact Approval

Jun 10: Republican and Democratic leaders in Ohio have reached a deal and approved legislation to ratify the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact. Governor Ted Strickland has said he will sign the legislation. The National Wildlife Federation praised state leaders for their action. Andy Buchsbaum, regional executive director of the National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF's) Great Lakes office said, “The historic votes by the Ohio House and Senate bring the region a quantum leap closer to protecting the Great Lakes from water diversions outside the region and to promoting water conservation within the region." Once signed by the Governor, Ohio will become the sixth state to pass the water management agreement, joining Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, New York and Wisconsin.

Endorsed by the eight Great Lakes governors in 2005, the Great Lakes Water Resources Compact must be approved in identical form by each Great Lakes state and consented to by U.S. Congress before becoming legally binding. The states can enact different forms of the implementing legislation to respond to specific state needs.

Access the Ohio legislation (
click here). Access the status of various state compact legislation from the Council of Great Lakes Governors (click here). Access a release from NWF (click here).