Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rep. Camp Amendment To Close Chicago Locks Fails

Feb 17: In the midst of the House debate over the FY 2011 Continuing Resolution, Michigan Republican Representative David Camp offered an amendment numbered 516 to prohibit funds to be used for the opening of the locks at the Thomas J. O'Brien Lock and Dam or the Chicago River Controlling Works. Representative Camp said, " I offer an amendment that is long overdue. Last June, a live bighead Asian carp was discovered 6 miles from Lake Michigan, north of the locks and well past the electric barrier. This discovery shows that Asian carp, one of the world's most rampant invasive species, are at the doorstep of the Great Lakes. . . To prevent this catastrophe, ecological experts have said that closing the locks that separate the Illinois River from Lake Michigan is the single most important step we can take to prevent these species from entering the Great Lakes." Upon consideration, the amendment failed by a vote of 137-292 with 89 Republicans and 48 Democrats voting for the measure.
    Access the complete consideration of the amendment in the Congressional Record (click here). Access the roll call vote on the amendment (click here).