Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Great Lakes News

<> ACRCC Releases 2014 Asian Carp Control Strategy Framework - Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee announced a coordinated strategy to protect the Great Lakes from silver and bighead carp. . .

<> Doubling nuclear waste site won't boost risk, says safety regulator - Hearings are already under way before a federal review panel on a proposal by Ontario Power Generation to excavate a disposal site for 200,000 cubic meters of low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste near Kincardine [article includes links to details].

<> Climate change to profoundly alter Great Lakes region, summary report says - Intense rainstorms, floods and heat waves will become more common in the Great Lakes region due to climate change in the coming decades, and ice-cover ...

<> 10th Annual Great Lakes Restoration Conference - September 9-11. Hosted by the Healing Our Waters®- Great Lakes Coalition. Early Bird Registration Ends July 31, 2014.

<> COMMENTARY: Ontario Government Premier Kathleen Wynne must act to protect the Great Lakes - When the Ontario government returns following the election, Premier Kathleen Wynne needs to address the challenges facing the Great Lakes, particularly declining water levels and invasive species.

<> Not as bad as the '70s, but alewives are piling up on the beaches again - If the water temperature changes quickly, alewives die off. Some years are worse than others. And this year -- at least anecdotally -- appears to be one of them.

<> Reminder: Great Lakes Fishery Commission RFP - The Great Lakes Fishery Commission is now soliciting full proposals for its Science Transfer Program. Deadline July 15, 2014.

<> FY2014 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative RFA - In late June or early July, EPA expects to announce a Request For Applications (RFA) requesting the submission of grant applications for over $20 million in Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) funding in support of the GLRI Action Plan. Full applications are expected to be due approximately 30 days after the RFA is published.