Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Michigan Attorney General Launches StopAsianCarp Website

Jan 13: Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, who it should be noted is a leading Republican candidate for Michigan Governor, launched the, an online petition enabling residents across the Great Lakes region to help convince Federal and local authorities responsible for carp infested waters to close the locks connecting them with Lake Michigan and protect the region's $7 billion fishing industry and over 800,000 Michigan jobs connected to the health of the Lakes.

Cox has filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Supreme Court requesting that the connections between the Mississippi River and Lake Michigan be permanently closed [
See WIMS 1/12/10 for links to all legal filings]. The action is supported by most other Great Lakes states, environmental and conservation organizations and other; but, the Obama Administration, through its Solicitor General, and Illinois officials have opposed the efforts.

In a release, Cox said, "Families can visit and join us as we fight to protect the Great Lakes and thousands of Michigan jobs from the biological threat known as Asian carp. If we don't protect the Lakes today, we won't have another chance tomorrow." He indicated that the offers residents the opportunity to voice their opinion directly to President Obama and leaders in Congress and offers a one-stop-shop for information and materials connected with Cox's efforts before the United States Supreme Court.

Access a release from the AG announcing the new website (click here). Access the StopAsianCarp website (click here). Access a separate release from the AG on the lawsuit (click here).