Friday, June 8, 2012

Great Lakes Week 2012 - Taking Action, Delivering Results

Jun 8: Great Lakes Week 2012, will be held in Cleveland, OH, September 10-13, 2012, at the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel. Great Lakes Week, an effort to host the meetings and conferences of a diverse group of Great Lakes stakeholders in one place, and is expected to attract close to 700 activists, government representatives, industry leaders, tribal members, environmental consultants, sportsmen, and academic institutions under one roof to network and collaborate on issues of critical urgency facing the Great Lakes and to re-affirm a shared commitment to restoring the health of the Lakes.
   Great Lakes Week is a collaborative effort between the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition (HOW), the Great Lakes Commission, the International Joint Commission, the Great Lakes Areas of Concern Annual Conference, the U.S. EPA, and the U.S. and Canadian federal environmental agencies participating in Great Lakes restoration work. The Healing Our Water's Great Lakes Restoration Conference (HOW) has announced its early bird registration is now open for a fee for of $170.
    Access more details and a day by day schedule of Great Lakes Week for all organizations (click here). Access complete details and registration information for the HOW Coalition (click here).
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