Friday, September 24, 2010

Science Advisory Board Seeks Nominees For GLRI Panel

Sep 24: U.S. EPA's Science Advisory Board (SAB) Staff Office announced that it is requesting public nominations for technical experts to form an SAB panel to review the interagency Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) Action Plan which describes restoration priorities, goals, objectives, measurable ecological targets, and specific actions. Nominations should be submitted by October 15, 2010.
    The announcement further explains that the SAB Staff Office is seeking nominations of nationally and internationally recognized scientists and engineers with demonstrated expertise and research or management experience in one or more of the following areas: Limnology, landscape ecology, restoration ecology, ecotoxicology, population biology, aquatic biology, fisheries and wildlife management, invasive species, water chemistry, environmental engineering, environmental monitoring, and environmental assessment. We are particularly interested in scientists and engineers with direct experience in the design, management, and implementation of environmental protection and restoration programs that have included development of metrics and environmental indicators used to monitor, evaluate, and communicate restoration progress.
    Selection criteria to be used for Panel membership include: (a) Scientific and/or technical expertise, knowledge, and experience (primary factors); (b) availability and willingness to serve; (c) absence of financial conflicts of interest; (d) absence of an appearance of a lack of impartiality; and (e) skills working in committees, subcommittees and advisory panels; and, for the Panel as a whole, (f) diversity of expertise and viewpoints.
    Access the complete announcement with instructions and links to further information (click here).