Friday, August 19, 2011

Great Lakes Protection Fund Redesigned Website

Aug 19: The Great Lakes Protection Fund (GLPF) announced that it has redesigned its website and invites interested parties to explore the site and provide comments. The site is designed to help generate dynamic content. GLPF indicates it is "determined to deliver more information about the results of Fund-supported projects, the content of our current project portfolio, and guidelines" used to evaluate funding opportunities.

    The Governors of the Great Lakes states created the Great Lakes Protection Fund in 1989 to help them protect and restore their shared Great Lakes resources. The Fund is the first private, permanent endowment created to benefit a specific ecosystem. The Governors established the Fund to ensure the continuous development of new technologies, innovative methods, and practical tools to improve the natural and economic vitality of the Great Lakes. Since inception, the Fund has committed over $59 million to 236 projects to meet those objectives. The Fund has also returned over $42 million to its member states so that they can pursue their Great Lakes priorities.
    Access an announcement on the redesigned website (
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