Friday, December 12, 2008

Great Lakes Canadian & U.S. Mayors Outline Infrastructure Needs

Dec 12: Canadian and U.S. mayors passed a resolution that calls on the Canadian and U.S. national governments to prepare an urgent economic recovery package that accelerates public infrastructure investments, creates jobs and promotes a healthy and sustainable environment and economy in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence region. Toronto Mayor David Miller, Founding Canadian Chair of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative (the Cities Initiative) said, "Canadian and U.S. Mayors agree that we need massive investments in public infrastructure that will both create jobs in the short term, and build essential infrastructure for a greener, cleaner economy into the future. The need is urgent and time is of the essence.”

The mayors of the Cities Initiative Board of Directors, gathering for their mid year meeting in Toronto, shared information on proposed economic recovery packages in Canada and the U.S. There was particular interest in President‐elect Barack Obama’s repeated commitment to invest in green infrastructure and innovation. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, Founding U.S. Chair of the Cities Initiative said, “We need to lead by example by calling on our national governments to partner with cities to invest in infrastructure projects like sewer, water and transportation systems. These investments will not only benefit our region, but the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence economy, one of the most important regional economies in the world.”

At their meeting, the mayors examined ways to expedite the funding cities need to start construction on infrastructure projects, thus creating new jobs, in early 2009. Mayors agreed that a key to moving quickly was getting funding directly to cities, where projects are ready to be delivered without bureaucratic delays.

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