Thursday, June 19, 2014

Great Lakes News

<> Great Lakes & St Lawrence Cities Initiative Conference Begins - More than 100 representatives of municipalities from around the Great Lakes and St Lawrence River Basin are in Thunder Bay this week for the 11th annual Great Lakes & St Lawrence Cities Initiative (Cities Initiative) general meeting and conference.

<> Great Lakes mayors flex muscle on oil, climate change - Other Great Lakes pols could learn something from the leaders of the region's cities.

<> Shoreline residents: Lake plan ignores concerns - Plan 2014, the new report issued by the International Joint Commission, stirred up significant opposition from the lake's south shore residents and property owners [Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River], who say its allowance for higher high water levels and lower low water levels will. . . 

<> How bad will toxic algae be this year? - The way scientists forecast how bad the toxic algae on Lake Erie's Western Basin could be in a given year is changing, and scientists hope it will be more accurate and understandable.

<> The future of sustainable fishing in the U.P. - The future of commercial fishing in the Upper Peninsula depends on lake ecology and the willingness of a new generation to learn the skills and way of life of those who fish the Great Lakes.