Friday, May 30, 2014

Great Lakes News

<> Senators Stabenow, Levin Announce Support for Great Lakes Habitat Restoration - The new partnership, comprised of the Great Lakes Commission and state and local agencies, will receive over $1.7 million through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

<> Contamination monitored with bird blood - Scientists are measuring the contaminants in birds to track Great Lakes environmental trends and monitor the success of chemical cleanups. Birds that eat aquatic insects are especially good monitors of the environment. . .

<> Record heat and record ice: Astonishing scenes from Lake Superior - Near the southern shores of Lake Superior, fragments of ice still speckled the water's surface on Memorial Day weekend, an amazing contrast with the actual air temperature.

<> NDP Great Lakes critic moves to suspend OPG DGR approval - Activists opposed to Ontario Power Generation's plan to bury nuclear waste below the Bruce Nuclear Site in Kincardine, Ont., have found an ally in the federal NDP's Brian Masse [ ‎Member of Parliament  with the Federal New Democratic Party (NDP)]

<> Great Lakes states to fish for invasive species - The Illinois Department of Natural Resources joined state agencies from Indiana, Michigan and Minnesota, with the assistance of federal wildlife agencies, on Wednesday to complete an "invasive fish surveillance exercise" 

<> Deal reached to improve Lake Erie - An agreement was announced by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency that could result in an eventual phase-down of the practice of redepositing dredged sediment into Lake Erie.