Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Advance Notice: GLRI Quality Technical Conference

Sep 18: U.S. EPA is giving advanced notice that it is planning the third annual Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) Quality Technical Conference for December 4- 6, 2012 in Chicago. The Conference is designed to bring together GLRI collaborators to: 1) share accomplishments and challenges encountered when implementing projects aimed at removing beneficial use impairments around the Great Lakes basin; 2) collaborate on quality and technical practices that improve project results; and 3) create an open forum for communication and coordination. The theme of the 2012 conference is "Quality We Can See!" as demonstrated through the results of projects, cooperation, use of innovative tools and techniques, best practices, quality system developments, and more.

    Current technical sessions include: Achieving beneficial use impairment restoration targets; Understanding the quality aspects of habitat restoration and invasive species control projects; Conducting field and laboratory audits; Evaluating the importance of the Graded Approach; Assessing the challenges with integrating data sets focused on use impairment assessments; Implementing quality programs and understanding the "Stages of Quality"

    EPA indicates that the "Call for Abstracts" will be circulated next month; however in the meantime it is seeking ideas for sessions and presentations that reflect the breadth and range of projects supporting the GLRI.
    Access the announcement with contacts for more information and to submit ideas (click here).
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