Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama-Biden Propose $5 Billion For Great Lakes

Sep 16: The Obama-Biden campaign have issued a policy paper saying they are committed to Great Lakes restoration. According to the policy paper, the Obama-Biden vision for the future of the Great Lakes will: Provide New Federal Funding of $5 Billion to Jumpstart Great Lakes Restoration; Designate a Great Lakes Coordinator to Prioritize Coordination of Federal, State and Local Agencies; and Ratify and Fully Implement the Great Lakes Compact to Conserve Water and Protect Against Water Diversions. The paper indicates that, "In contrast, Senator John McCain has repeatedly failed to support critical legislation and even opposed measures to preserve the Great Lakes, including cleanup initiatives and projects to prevent sediment pollution. He also opposed funding to complete the Asian Carp Barrier Project to prevent invasive species from reaching the Great Lakes."

The paper says, Barack Obama has a plan to restore the Great Lakes ecosystem and to revive this engine of economic prosperity. His five-point plan for restoring the Great Lakes includes: $5 billion in new federal funds to jumpstart the restoration; an aggressive toxics plan; a Great Lakes Coordinator within U.S. EPA; Zero tolerance policy for invasive species; and, A "no water diversions compact policy that works for the Great Lakes." The $5 billion to establish the trust fund will be generated from rolling back tax breaks and loopholes for big oil and gas companies.

Access the Obama-Biden Great Lakes Policy Paper (
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