Monday, November 10, 2008

International Upper Great Lakes Study Meeting

Nov 10: The International Upper Great Lakes Study (IUGLS) will be holding a public meeting at the University of Toledo, Lake Erie Center, from 7 to 9 PM on Wednesday, November 19th, 2008. Persons interested in and concerned about Great Lakes water levels are urged to attend and to share personal examples of the impact of changing water levels. The initial focus of IUGLS is whether possible physical changes in the St. Clair River and other factors are contributing to changes in the relative levels of Lake Erie and Lake Huron [See WIMS 4/4/08].

At the meetings, experts from the binational study of water levels in the Upper Great Lakes will present the latest scientific work and provide current information about water levels. They will also briefly outline the structure and purpose of the Study and review a history of water level regulation in the Great Lakes. The presentation will stress the importance of public input to the Study process and the need for interested individuals and organizations from throughout the basin to participate. Attendees will have an extensive opportunity to present their views and ask questions.

More broadly, the Study is examining whether regulation of outflows from Lake Superior might be improved to take into consideration changing climate and evolving interests of property owners, ecosystems, local governments, the shipping sector, and the recreation/tourism industry. IUGLS was launched by the International Joint Commission (IJC) of the U.S. and Canada in March of 2007. While the overall project has a five year timeline, a final report regarding the St. Clair River question is due in June of 2009.

Access the IUGLS website for details and further information (
click here). Access information and presentations from previous meetings (click here). Access a 22-page progress report on the International Upper Great Lakes Study (click here).