Tuesday, October 4, 2011

IJC Great Lakes Priority Issue Reports For Comment

Oct 4: For the past two years, experts from the International Joint Commission (IJC) Water Quality Board, Science Advisory Board, Council of Great Lakes Research Managers, Health Professionals Task Force and International Air Quality Advisory Board (and other experts) have been developing findings and recommendations regarding six key research areas: the Nearshore Framework; Chemicals of Emerging Concern, Harmful/Nuisance Algae; Aquatic Invasive Species; Benefits and Risks of Fish Consumption; and Beaches Recreational Water Quality. Most draft reports are now posted (or will be soon) and available for public comment. Following the IJC Biennial Meeting (October 12-14) and the incorporation of comments received, the reports will become the foundation for the 16th Biennial Report, to be released in 2012.
    Access the reports, related information and commenting instructions by clicking on the links above. Access complete information on the IJC Biennial Meeting and Great Lakes Week in Detroit (click here).
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