Friday, June 19, 2009

State Of The Great Lakes 2009 Highlights Report

Jun 19: U.S. EPA and Environment Canada have released, The State of the Great Lakes 2009 Highlights, report. The Highlights report is based on environmental indicator reports and information on the nearshore that was prepared for the State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference (SOLEC) in Niagara Falls, Ontario, October 22 23, 2008. Many experts on various components of the Great Lakes basin ecosystem contributed to the process. Data sources and contact information for each indicator are included in the technical report, State of the Great Lakes 2009. For the nearshore components, similar information can be found in the report Nearshore Areas of the Great Lakes 2009.

This assessment is in accordance with the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. Indicator reports are supported by scientific information and, to the extent feasible, assessed by Great Lakes experts from Canada and the United States, along with a review of scientific papers and use of best professional judgment. Indicators are organized into nine categories: Coastal Zones and Aquatic Habitats (combined in this report), Invasive Species, Contamination, Human Health, Biotic Communities, Resource Utilization, Land Use-Land Cover, and Climate Change.

Overall assessments and management challenges were prepared for each category to the extent that indicator information was available. The State of the Great Lakes 2009 Highlights report is derived from a more detailed State of the Great Lakes 2009 report.

Access the Highlights report (
click here). Access additional SOLEC information, previous reports and other publications (click here). Access EPA's SOLEC website for additional information (click here).

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