Thursday, January 13, 2011

EPA Announces Upcoming GLRI Funding Opportunity

Jan 12: By the end of January, 2011, U.S. EPA expects to release a competitive announcement (Request For Applications,  or RFA) requesting the submission of grant applications for approximately $40 million in Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) funding. The amount of funding for the RFA is contingent on the availability of appropriations. Full applications will be due approximately 45 days after release of the announcement. EPA notes that at this time it does not expect to issue any other GLRI funding announcements in Fiscal Year 2011.

    Elements of the RFA are expected to have numerous benefits, including: Increase in on-the-ground/in-the-water action; Prioritize restoration of Beneficial Uses and Areas of Concern; Reduce duplication of effort by applicants; Allow projects to begin this field season; and Simplify the funding request and the submission process.

    Funding under the RFA will support work under four of the five Focus Areas of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Action Plan.
Applications for GLRI funding for Habitat and Wildlife Protection and Restoration in FY 2011, which is the focus area not in the RFA, must be made through other Federal agencies and opportunities, such as Sustain Our Great Lakes -- for which the deadline for submissions is February 14, 2011.
    Access an announcement from EPA with complete links to related information (click here). Access the GLRI website for more information and background (click here).

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