Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Officials Meeting On Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

Jan 15: The Alliance for the Great Lakes (Alliance) and the International Joint Commission (IJC) announced that U.S. and Canadian officials are coming to Chicago on January 23 to discuss with environmental leaders and the public the way ahead in implementing the landmark Great Lakes Water Quality agreement, recently amended and updated in September 2012 [See WIMS 9/7/12]. Commissioners of the International Joint Commission will be an important part of this dialogue. Registration is now open for the day-long seminar and webinar entitled, "The Boundary Waters Treaty, the International Joint Commission, and the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement," The deadline for registration to attend in-person is Friday, January 18, by end of day.

    Lyman Welch, Water Quality Program director for the Alliance said, "The future of the Great Lakes depends on the U.S. and Canada following through on their visionary commitments to protect and restore our precious clean water. It also depends on input from those outside government. We are pleased to invite everyone for a discussion on making this happen, providing an opportunity for stakeholders to contribute their views to both governments and the International Joint Commission."

    Years in the making, the 40-year-old pact to protect and restore the Great Lakes across national boundaries was updated by the U.S. and Canada in September. The Great Lakes Water Quality Protocol of 2012 is a bi-national agreement addressing key threats to the Great Lakes today, adding prevention of invasive species and adapting to impacts of climate change to its earlier calls for reductions in phosphorus and toxic pollutants. U.S. EPA Region V and the Great Lakes National Program Office in Chicago have made their facilities available for the seminar, 9 AM – 5PM CST, in the Lake Michigan Room of the EPA/GLNPO, 77 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60604-3590. Photo identification/security screening will be required for building entry.

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