Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mayors Say "Serious Crisis" With Great Lakes Water Levels

Feb 15: In a brief letter to President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mayors from the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative (GLSLC) have expressed what they are calling a "serious crisis" regarding Great Lakes water levels. In their letter the Mayors said:
"There is a serious crisis on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence right now with water levels on Lakes Michigan and Huron at historic lows and well below average levels on the other lakes and the St.Lawrence. The impacts are widespread and significant. Commercial shipping and recreational boating, water intake structures, coastal wetlands, beaches, and many of the things that are so important to our economic well- being and quality of life are being adversely affected.
"As mayors of 96 cities in the United States and Canada along the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence with over 16 million citizens, we are living with the effects of these low water levels on a daily basis. We ask that you engage the full authority of your offices to find near, mid, and long term solutions to this problem. Although the International Joint Commission has conducted extensive studies and come up with some recommendations, the situation has deteriorated, especially in Georgian Bay, and needs prompt action.
"We stand ready to work with your offices and your departments, ministries, and agencies to find solutions and implement them promptly. . ."
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