Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Science On Toxics Chemical In The Great Lakes

Aug 6: has partnered with the Mind the Store campaign to craft a mini-report that highlights some of the new science around toxic chemical pollutants in the Great Lakes, including the nasty "PBT" chemicals that stay in the environment, to "emerging contaminants" like Triclosan, which are rapidly rising as Great Lakes pollutants. Toxic chemicals have a variety of routes they travel: some are released directly from manufacturing sites or creep their way out of landfills into the ground water, rivers and lakes, while others are the result of legacy pollution from days past. So the researchers mapped out where the Hazardous 100+ chemicals have been found in the Great Lakes Areas of Concern to illustrate this legacy of pollution.
    Access the mini-report including references and links (click here). Access the Hazardous 100+ List of Chemicals of High Concern (click here). Access the HealthyStuff website for more information (click here). [#GLakes/Toxics]

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