Friday, September 6, 2013

Comments Wanted On Great Lakes Accountability System

Sep 6: U.S. EPA has submitted an information collection request (ICR), Great Lakes Accountability System (Reinstatement). Public comments were previously requested via the Federal Register (78 FR 21937,4/12/13) and during a 60-day comment period, no comments were received. EPA is extending the comment period by an additional 30 days until October 7, 2013.
    EPA explains that in 2010, EPA, in concert with its Federal partners, began implementation of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) that was included in the Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010 (Pub. L. 111-88) and subsequent appropriations. The GLRI invests funds in programs and projects strategically chosen to target the most significant environmental problems in the Great Lakes ecosystem. The legislation called for increased accountability for the GLRI and directed EPA to implement a process to track, measure, and report on progress. As part of this process, Federal and non-Federal entities receiving GLRI funds are required to submit detailed information on GLRI projects into the Great Lakes Accountability System (GLAS). The information is necessary to provide an accurate depiction of activities, progress, and results. Information is updated on a quarterly basis.
    Access the FR announcement with additional information (click here). Access the EPA docket for additional information to submit and review comments (click here, updated soon). [#GLakes]

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