Monday, December 3, 2012

Great Lakes Climate Adaptation Toolkit

Nov 30: Freshwater Future and EcoAdapt, have partnered to develop the Great Lakes Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit, with funding support from the Kresge Foundation. The toolkit includes:  A primer on climate change and adaptation;  Four case studies on how community groups are incorporating climate change into their work; Communications guidance; Fact sheets on specific Great Lakes climate impacts;  Approaches to addressing climate change with community leaders; and  A guide to assist with vulnerability assessments.

    Freshwater Future Executive Director Jill Ryan said, "The Great Lakes region is already seeing a number of impacts from climate change, including warmer air and water temperatures, less ice cover, changes in snowfall and rainfall, and extreme storm events like we experienced in many areas of the region this past summer. The toolkit provides a resource to help community groups develop a climate informed perspective on their own work and some approaches to help them bring that knowledge to issues their towns and cities may be addressing." Lara Hansen, Executive Director of EcoAdapt said, "Climate change is everybody's problem. By putting tools into the hands of groups working on a wide range of issues, we can engage many more people in preparing our communities to meet the challenges of climate change."

    The toolkit is one component of Freshwater Future's Great Lakes Community Climate Program, which includes workshops to train community groups how to consider climate change impacts in their work and a grants program to assist with implementation of on-the-ground projects.

    Access a posted announcement from Freshwater Future (click here). Access the Freshwater Future website (click here). Access the toolkit (click here).

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